We have had the privilege to work with established clients such as;

  • Innovation Agency

  • Seasalt Learning

  • North West Employers

  • Airbus UK

It seems just like the other day that I moved to my new job, and place of work and what accompanies those memories (believe it) was the coaching and mentoring sessions.  It was not an easy move, and month by month you guided me through some simple yet extremely crucial tips to get through.  I will forever treasure your presence in my life.

Regional Manager, European NGO in Kenya

Hodan’s professional coaching has provided me with a wealth of expert advice, perspective, and professional challenge; this has been invaluable to me professionally and grown my development. Her coaching has provided me with a confidence to seek and undertake significantly challenging roles and ambitious projects. Her style, thought-provoking perspectives, and techniques have enhanced the utilisation of my knowledge and skills, which has ultimately improved my professional experiences and development.

Head of Service, Welsh Ambulance Service

I have really enjoyed your sessions, how you bring subjects to life and make it real; you bring personal experience into your training.  You clearly are well training and have a wealth of experience and I have learnt a great deal from you, which has also made me look deeper within myself to make positive changes to be a better person, team player, leader and a great support to my colleagues.

Public Sector Senior Manager