learning programmes

Our bespoke learning programmes focus on supporting organisations to build their workforce capability below are a sample of offers available;

Being your best self: Effective personal development planning (virtual)

This is a one-month practical opportunity to support professional within the organisation who seek clarity on effective personal development planning.  It provides a process to understanding self and the next steps in their practice including a reflective space.

The Innovation Adventure is a six week practical experiment cycle in which learners engaged with innovation tools and techniques. This is not about theory but about stepping stones to action.

  • Bring forward a business challenge with unknown solutions

  • Be building on concepts and populating the tools initially in the sessions and in collaboration with their teams.

  • Have better understanding of the challenge, identify a prototype and a clear business value proposition to begin the test.


If you would like to have a conversation to explore more about our work and your need, feel free to contact us we look forward to hearing from you.