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The vision of Innsaei is to hold a safe space for individuals and organisations to have insight in their endeavours and achieve their chosen aspirations.

Our associates provide consultancy services in the following areas;​

  • Service Redesign and Managing change

  • Bespoke training programmes

  • Service Improvement and Review             

  • Group or individual coaching

  • Executive coaching

  • Adult Education learning design

  • Innovation training 

  • Alternative Provider of accredited online SCRUM certifications.

I am a multi-cultural nomad with 14 years’ experience in organisational change in healthcare setting. My name is Hodan Noor, I am of Somali origin and have lived in Qatar and later in a Boarding School in India. I am conversant in Arabic, Somali and understand Hindi.


My career in the United Kingdom has been primarily focused on organisational change working in regional and national arenas. Coupled with facilitating learning programmes using workshops and leadership coaching to improve health outcomes. I am in the business of facilitating relationships with multi partners and stakeholders to maximise returns.


My values are business integrity, giving back to society, accountability and leading with compassion. I am unapologetically analytical with an amiable-mindset, I have a great need to understand the detail of the challenge and engage with authenticity to identify a collective solution.

Through my journey I have met some incredible people, some of which are now Associates for Innsaei Consultancy, its a real privilege to introduce them below.

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Hodan Noor 
Founder and Director

An experienced professional with operational business planning and monitoring skills supporting the delivery of key projects and the continuous improvement of the services, within the healthcare sector using proven improvement and coaching methodologies.

Michelle has worked in the NHS for over 20 years at several organisations including Salford Royal, The Christie, Morecambe Bay, Pennine Acute and East and North Herts NHS Trust. In 2013 she was an IHI (Institute for Health Care Improvement) Blue Shirt at the 25th Symposium in Orlando and her long-term goals are to keep striving for healthcare improvement.

As a qualified coach she supports individuals and groups to problem solve and identify sustainable solutions.

Michelle Leach

Gemma works in all aspects of Change, with over 15 years experience that spans across the Financial and Public sector.  She has expertise in both Global and Local transformation, from Business to Process to People.    


A natural leader, passionate about helping others fulfill their potential, with strong communication and presentation skills.  She  understands that true change and transformation comes from within.  Facilitating human learning and sharing experiences has become a key part of her delivery.  Designing, building and delivering impact through workshops, with training experiences and providing community management to empower people to embrace change.  


Using a strong evidence base to make informed decisions, she specialises in data and analytics and is able to harness actionable insights to help inform strategic directions and practical decision making.  

Gemma Mcdonald